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Team up with us to provide the best services to our community. Our combined efforts will ensure that our mission is fulfilled by serving, collaborating and empowering the community who needs our services. Thank you for your interest towards these goals.

    Bidding Inquiries

    For all bidding inquiries, please call Ms. Valeria Cabello at (956) 722-4521, ext. 1210 or send us an email using the form on the left. All bids must be submitted in writing to:

    Laredo Housing Authority

    ATTN: Purchasing

    2000 San Francisco

    Laredo, Tx 78040

    Laredo Housing Authority – Bidding Opportunities

    Awarded Bids

    ITB# LHA2017_0117_ 1 for 840 Replacement Vinyl Windows

    The purpose of this ITB is to retain a responsible individual or firm to furnish 840 replacement vinyl windows to the LHA exactly per the below quantities, sizes and specifications.

    Awarded to Lowe’s Home Improvement for the amount of $101,611.7 on 02/15/2017.

    Other bids were as follows:

    Best Window & Doors – $116,958.23
    Home Depot – $117,645.30
    McCoy’s – $122,621.10
    McCoys – $127,503.56
    Dr. Ike’s Home Center – $129,382.00
    Direct Building Center – $133,139.72

    ITB# LHA2017_1701-2 for 294 Metal Entry Doors, Metal Frames & Related Hardware

    The purpose of this ITB is to retain a responsible individual or firm to furnish 294 metal entry doors, metal frames and related hardware as listed on General Specifications.

    Awarded to South Central Hardware for the amount of $113,836.80 on 02/15/2017.

    Other bids were as follows:

    NB Door & Specialty – $130,585.59
    McCoy’s – $138,967.92
    Dr. Ike’s Home Center – $141,869.70
    Home Depot – $164,301.90

    RFP# LHA_2016_1225_1 for Project-Based Voucher Program

    The Housing Authority of the City of Laredo (LHA) selects to participate in and administer a Project-Based Housing Choice Voucher (PBV) program whereby the rental assistance is attached to the structure. LHA will enter into a HAP (Housing Assistance Payments) contract with the owner for the units of existing housing, newly constructed housing, or rehabilitated housing in urban renewal areas, as defined in this solicitation. During the term of the contract, the LHA will make HAP payments to the owner for the units leased and occupied by eligible families.

    Awarded to NeighborWorks Laredo for the amount of 6 Project-Based Vouchers on 02/15/2017.

    There were no other bids for this RFP.

    RFP# LHA2017_0709_3 Hazardous Materials Removal Services

    The purpose of this RFP is to obtain proposals from qualified, licensed, and bonded entities to provide the following detailed services: Hazardous materials removal, limited to asbestos removal…

    Awarded to River City Environmental for the amount of $407,400 on 07/31/2017.

    Other bids were as follows:

    R.L. Abatement – $767,525
    American Abatement – $506,273
    Jupe Environmental – $526,720

    Laredo Housing Facilities Corporation

    Russell Terrace Construction – Bidding Opportunities

    Laredo Housing Facilities Corporation – Awarded Bids

    RFP No. LHFC_RT2017_0818_3 Building Demolition Services

    The purpose of this RFP is to determine and award a qualified, bonded, and insured subcontractor to demolish the interior of selected buildings located at the Russell Terrace development, 500 Richter Drive, Laredo, Texas 78040. The project consists of 138 units to be demolished in phases.

    Awarded to Laredo Concrete Cutting & Sandblasting LLC. for the amount of $474,844 on 09/20/2017.

    Other bids were as follows:

    III PG Enterprises Inc. – $534,500
    Davila Construction, Inc. – $685,000

    Our programs have assisted more than 1,500 households within our managed regions.

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