The Laredo Housing Authority (LHA) is currently renovating its Administration Building, located in Colonia Guadalupe, as a revitalization of our city’s Public Housing history. This building, originally completed in 1940, will become a meeting space for the organization and the Veteran Community. To commemorate the initiation of Public Housing, LHA is looking towards the community to decorate the space with photographs and artifacts of our local World War II Veterans and Laredo in the 1930s-40s. Items can range from photographs and medals to clothing and weaponry.

“Showcasing the Veterans of our community is a beautiful way to show our respect for their service,” said Julia Orduña, Planning and Community Affairs Specialist for LHA. “Anything that is loaned to the Laredo Housing Authority will be insured for protection and can be returned to the family at any time.”

The Public Housing Initiative began as a part of the New Deal in the 1930s and expanded during World War II in an effort to provide affordable housing during the Great Depression and to soldiers returning to their home after war to build a new life. As the first public housing development in Laredo, Colonia Guadalupe represented a sizeable economic boost and improvement in housing conditions for the City of Laredo.

To donate or lend items for the display or for more information, please contact Julia Orduña at or (956) 722-4521.

The Laredo Housing Authority was established in 1939 and provides affordable housing options for communities in Laredo, Zapata, and Asherton. Currently, LHA owns and manages 994 Public Housing units in 8 different locations and provides voucher assistance to 1,390 families in the private rental sector.

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