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Apply for Assistance

Please be advised that an email address is required in order to submit an application. Email addresses such as those from,,, or are acceptable. Below you will find some simple instructions on how to obtain an email address from one of these services.

Please be sure to keep the password to your email address private and to share it with no one. No employee of the Laredo Housing Authority will ever ask you for this password.

Available Waiting Lists

Waiting List Open Date Close Date
Low Rent Elderly Always Open N/A
Asherton Public Housing Always Open N/A
Asherton HCV Always Open N/A
Zapata HCV Always Open N/A

Please call us at (956) 764-9396 or email us at if you have any questions or need any assistance in registering or applying.

Click here to for instructions on how to register and apply

Click here to register for an account and to submit an application

Please note that all applications are subject to approval prior to being allowed on the waiting list.

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